Why Powersweep on a Regular Basis?

Maintaining clean surfaces is a necessity and will lessen the damage your property suffers over time. Regular street and parking lot sweeping makes properties safer and more appealing to customers and tenants.

How Can We Help With Daily Cleaning Tasks?

Our portering services offer a simple and effective way to keep your facilities clean and safe. By utilizing Smith Property Service's Portering Services, our team of trained employees will make sure that your facility is free from debris, provide safe environments, and work with you to ensure happy clients.

Why It Is Important To Remove Snow Quickly?

Clients need to open quickly and efficiently. Our team works fast to get to locations ahead of storms to ensure you are ready for business. Built up snow causes run off, drainage, and other issues that can cause business to slow down during peak winter months. Let us provide the ability to manage your snow and ice management with no worries.

24/7 Emergency Sweeping Service

Smith Property Services is on standby 24/7 with our fleet of 35 service vehicles! Smith Property Services offers emergency services for construction sweeping, parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, and more. We are here and available for your unexpected sweeping needs!

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Smith Property Services means higher performing, cleaner commercial properties.

Smith Property Services was started in 2015 by William Smith. Today, Smith Property Services continues to excel in the power sweeping industry by improving brand perception and the environment while minimizing waste caused by runoff. Learn more about why power sweeping is so important to your business and community.

Benefits of Street Sweeping

  • Through removal of trash and toxins off of streets and roadways, the quality of life for workers, customers, and tenants is improved.
  • Street and parking lot sweeping reduces runoff and improves water quality.
  • Retail properties benefit by having clean parking lots and clean water systems reducing pests and allergens.
  • Maintaining streets to be free of hazardous materials or flammable items, such as tree trimmings, reduces fire risks for neighborhoods.

We are open 24/7 and can handle all of your sweeping services property cleaning and maintenance needs. Our services include:

Choose SPS for Power Sweeping Services

SPS Raynham provides industrial-grade, full-service street sweeper services. We specialize in Retail Sweeping, Industrial Sweeping, Municipal Sweeping, Construction Site Sweeping and Commercial Property Maintenance.

Contact Smith Property Services today or call us at (508) 617-7959 for more information.