You have worked hard to build your clientele. Be sure to invest in the best long term strategy and keep your tenants and customers coming back year after year with regular maintenance of your facilities.


Whenever you need us, we can be there. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact SPS for your emergency service and clean up needs.


The essential sanitation services provided by SPS, from sweeping, to pressure washing, to day porter services all help ensure your environment is cleaner and safer.


Power pressure washing is the most economical way to efficiently clean the exterior of your building, facility, sidewalks, and pavement. Let SPS power wash your commercial spaces clean.

Day Porter Cleaning and Specialty Services

Dedicated to Cleanliness. 

Smith Property Services offers commercial property cleaning via portering services throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Portering service allows you to manage your business on the busiest of days without falling short on maintaining a clean and safe commercial space.

What are Porter Cleaning Services?

Porter cleaning services are vital for commercial spaces that experience a great deal of foot traffic. A porter cleaning service handles everything from garbage removal to tenant cleanouts. We work with property managers of multi-tenant properties, construction company crews, and contractors renovating commercial spaces.

Power Pressure Washing

Keeping the exterior of your facilities clean is the best way to ensure a good first impression. Pressure washing is an efficient and economical way to clean the exterior surfaces of your entire facility. Smith Property Services will power pressure wash your retail, industrial, or commercial space clean.

Facility Maintenance

Smith Property Services is your facility maintenance expert. Be sure to invest in a long term strategy of keeping your facility assets well maintained to keep tenants, clients, and visitors returning regularly.

Raynham Parking Lot Cleaning and Sweeping

24 Hours A Day

Whenever you need our day porter or facilities maintenance services, SPS can be there. Whatever the need, we will respond quickly and professionally. SPS is always ready tackle your emergency clean up needs.

Sanitation & Safety

Sweeping, day porter services, and pressure washing are all essential sanitation services. SPS  specializes in keeping your world cleaner and safer.

Our Porter Cleaning Services Can Also Include:

  • Post-tenant clean-out including window washing, ceiling tile replacement, and boarding of damaged openings.
  • Landscaping for properties including sweeping walkways, and weeding gardens.
  • Bulk refuse hauling including large debris removal.
  • Graffiti and paint removal from buildings, dumpster gates, signs, etc.
  • Lighting survey along with light bulb and total fixture replacement.
  • Snow removal and street sweeping.
  • And much more!

Contact Smith Property Services today for all of your Porter service needs.

Raynham Parking Lot Cleaning and Sweeping
Raynham Area Pressure Washing Services Photo
Raynham Parking Lot Cleaning and Sweeping