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William Smith, Owner of Smith Property Services (SPS) has built an impressive commercial power sweeping business in just five short years and has continued to realize growth even during this past year of the global economic shutdown (2020). Smith’s company provides a wide range of essential commercial property maintenance and sweeping services. He attributes his success to his and his team’s commitment to top-quality performance in every detail of service and to achieving maximum customer satisfaction in every account. Under Bill’s direction, SPS sets a high operational standard for the industry. Here, he offers some fascinating insights for new entrepreneurial entrants into the U.S. commercial power sweeping market.

Smith Property Services Business Model

The numerous revenue channels that constitute the SPS business model include a wide range of essential commercial property maintenance and power sweeping services in retail, industrial, commercial parking lot, municipal, and construction sweeping environments. These are some of the company’s wide array of exterior and interior property maintenance services:

Power Sweeping
Retail Sweeping
Industrial Sweeping
Municipal Sweeping
Construction Sweeping
Construction Run-Off
Day Portering Services
Pressure Washing
Facility Maintenance
Touch Up Painting
Light Bulb Replacement
Bollard Repair
Tenant Clean Outs
Ceiling Tile Repair
Snow & Ice Management
Snow Plowing

Salt Application
Sidewalk Maintenance
Bulk Trash Removal
Oversize Load Removal
Abandoned Property
Dropped Off Items
Property Trash Removal
Asphalt & Paving
Pothole Repair
Curb Repair
Parking Lot Striping
Paving Services
Catch Basin Clean Out
Grate Clean Out
Property Maintenance Services
Services Available 24/7

Bill Smith, A New Beginning…

From here, Bill Smith tells the captivating story of SPS, its inception in April of 2015, what led to its start, the business’s 5-year growth history, and its operational model.  Read More…