Snow Plowing, Street Sweeping, Raynham Massachusetts, Greater Boston Area

Regular Sweeping Is The Best Practice For Retail Lots, Project Sites & Neighborhoods

The signs of mid-autumn are all around us. Colder weather, morning frost, pumpkin spice flavored coffees, and leaves covering absolutely everything. As the fall season continues, these fallen leaves collect on roads, in gutters, and in storm drains. Leaves, litter, and debris can clog storm drains and potentially make flooding from fall precipitation much worse. Street and parking lot sweeping is a best management practice for removing debris, litter, and leaves that clog drainage infrastructure. Sweeping has an added environmental bonus of preventing these items from being washed during rainfall into local waterways. This helps prevent pollution that can negatively impact drinking water supplies, and result in pollution that ultimately finds its way from our creeks and rivers into the ocean.

 Our operators are thoroughly trained on our state-of-the-art sweeping trucks to handle a plethora of different sweeping scenarios. The work of our crew is crucial to keeping the paved surfaces in the communities we serve-and the environment-much cleaner.

Retail Lots, Office Parks, Mall Properties

Regular sweeping should be a critical part of any long term property management pavement maintenance program. The act of keeping parking lots, driveways, and other paved surfaces clean and clear of leaves and debris enhances curb appeal and provides that critical positive first impression of the property. A good first impression raises perceived property value and helps motivate repeat business. Smith Property Services can help you achieve all of these benefits with regularly scheduled sweeping.

Project Sites/Construction

Smith Property Services is the leading provider of heavy duty street sweeping equipment and skilled operators for construction sites in the Raynham, Massachusetts area. Our tremendous range of services are all designed with you in mind. Our goal is to offer the best possible solutions to meet your needs by applying our expertise to your project. We have been fortunate to forge relationships with developers and builders that rely on us for the highest quality street sweeping on their job sites, which helps eliminate dust, track out, and helps our builder and developer partners meet strict environmental compliance guidelines.

Sweeping For Municipalities

Smith Property Services has been providing premier power sweeping services in the greater Raynham, Massachusetts area for many years. We can apply that excellence in your city or town as well,

It is critically important that your sweeping contractor be able to deliver a trained operator and modern sweeping equipment to ensure the best possible results. Our modern fleet of street sweepers are designed to remove debris from your streets and keep leaves and litter out of your storm drains and drainage infrastructure.

Paving & Milling Sweeping

Milling sweeping is by far one of the most demanding type of sweeping jobs. It is critical that sweepers be in excellent repair, and drivers are well trained to keep up with the roto milling process. There is no budget for delays, and it is critical to get the right people and equipment in place to perform this demanding job with precision at every single milling and paving location. Our well trained operators will be on time, and deliver results that keep your project on schedule.

Smith Property Services

At Smith Property Services we do a wide variety of pavement maintenance work. We have professionally trained crews ready to handle all your paved surface sweeping & maintenance needs.

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