The Top 8 Reasons To Contract Construction Sweepers

There are many great reasons to contract with a professional power sweeping company for construction site cleanup. These range from realizing a savings of time and money by utilizing the much more efficient cleaning effectiveness of a skilled operator operating state of the art equipment to enhancing and simplifying environmental regulatory compliance, among other considerations. Here are some of the reasons to consider using a professional sweeping contractor. 

SWPPP Requirements

Construction site operators are required by Federal, State, and local regulations to comply with stormwater discharge requirements. Unmitigated stormwater runoff from construction sites can cause significant harm to our rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways. A Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP) is required (by your construction general permit) and will help you prevent stormwater pollution.  A SWPPP is more than just a sediment and erosion control plan. It describes all the construction site operator’s intended activities to prevent stormwater contamination, control sedimentation and erosion, and comply with all relevant requirements of the Clean Water Act. Professional Sweeping Contractors are knowledgeable about these guidelines, and are accustomed to providing services that are compliant with all the relevant stormwater regulations.

Best Management Practice 

Power sweeping is regarded as a best management practice (BMP) by EPA guidelines. Simply put, any debris, sediment, or eroded or tracked out soil removed from your site and its vicinity by regular power sweeping will not find its way into waterways via storm drains. Sweeping contractors are used to providing services that comply with all relevant regulations to help you manage your stormwater compliance. 

Reduce Likelihood of Fines & Delays

By hiring an experienced sweeping contractor to help clean your construction site, you ensure better regulatory compliance and greatly reduce the likelihood of fines or work stoppages being incurred due to improper compliance with stormwater regulations. The experience of a professional sweeping company is an invaluable way to prevent the additional costs and delays that can be incurred due to any noncompliance. 

Adjacent Property Liability

Adjacent properties can also be affected by construction site activities. The last thing any construction site operator wants is to have to absorb the liability for adjacent affected sites because mitigation procedures were not properly implemented and maintained. The use of a knowledgeable sweeping contractor is one best management practice to help prevent this situation from occurring.

Reduce Equipment Cost By Outsourcing

Obtaining specialized sweeping equipment is but one of the multitude of costs associated with doing your stormwater mitigation yourself. There is also ample cost associated with regular maintenance of the equipment, including brooms, belts, hoses, and other wear items. Not to mention the ample cost of regular vehicle maintenance and occasional repairs. When you hire a professional sweeping contractor, you are getting the cost benefit of not purchasing and maintaining the equipment yourself, and also benefiting from their expertise in maximizing the life of the specialized equipment. This results in the job being completed efficiently with less down time for maintenance and repairs. 

Reduce Labor Cost By Outsourcing

The specialized training and skills required to successfully operate a sweeper in an SWPPP compliance situation is costly and time consuming  to obtain. If you are doing the training yourself, this involves a significant amount of paid time and training dollars. To hire an already properly trained sweeper operator and train them on the needs of  your specific project is also going to be costly.  A professional sweeping company already has the skilled operators in place to meet your needs. This reduces your costs and time invested, while ensuring that your specific project SWPPP compliance goals are realized. 

Reduce Lost Time By Outsourcing

A professional sweeping contractor is going to have multiple pieces of specialized sweeping equipment available as well as a large staff of sweeping operators. This ensures that there will be no work stoppages due to equipment malfunctions or lack of personnel availability. Every hour lost to delays represents real dollars in lost profits for construction site operators. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep sweeping for stormwater mitigation on time and on schedule. 

Prevent Track Out Issues

Track out is a serious problem faced by construction sites. Track out is the depositing of construction site mud, stone, and soils onto adjacent roadways by construction trucks and equipment. This can damage passing vehicles, annoy the neighbors, and lead to hefty fines. Regular power sweeping services can help you avoid these potential fines and the ample expenses associated with using your own crew labor to clean up your jobsite. Hiring a professional sweeping contractor that understands the complexity of construction sweeping will help keep you in compliance with all relevant regulations and allow your crew to keep doing what they do best. 

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